Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Who is "The Inquisitive Farmwife"

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Angela and I am "The Inquisitive Farmwife!"  Let me tell you a little about myself!  I love working beside my husband on our farm.  Nothing like the sounds and smells of Spring Planting or Fall Harvest to put a smile on this girls' face!  Going to the big Farm show is an annual event we look forward to each winter, and it's even better when friends join us!  "Us country folk know how to hang with those "City Slickers"...ha ha ha!  I grew up a farmers daughter, but only when I became a wife did I learn to drive a tractor, run an impact gun, shag tanks, or wash a combine!  It's a hard job some days, but a rewarding one!

My daddy and grandpaG both had cattle and I loved getting to tag along on evening rides to "check the cows," but my husband grew up as a field farmer.  His dad was an amazing man that we miss more than words can describe.  I held off on any sort of livestock until we moved BACK to the family farm in 2009.  You might say my "hobby homestead" of a back yard is continually growing!  It all started with a garden and a "few chickens," lol!  I just love animals and that comes directly from grandmaG!  She was a crazy 
Farmwife just like me!  In her younger years, she drove the grain truck for the boys!  Somehow she ALWAYS had her hair done and lipstick on!  I call her often about my animal woes, she is our matriarch, a strong woman, and respected by all who meet her!

Something about working with the land makes me feel close to my father God Almighty, so it's a very peaceful and happy place for me.  Such beautiful memories flood my mind in my garden or kitchen, it's also a perfect place to make new ones with my children and friends or family members!  My grandmaB never measured anything and it always came out mouthwatering!  And somehow she ALWAYS had a snack ready, no matter the time of day!  She could crochet, knit, sew, but hand quilted every blanket she lovingly made.  I miss the camping trips she and grandpa took me on. 

Mamma and grandpaB taught me about gardening at a very young age, so when I finally had my own piece of land I was lucky enough to have some knowledge and direction!  Mind you, I am a researcher and did my due diligence in reading books and speaking with local folks to get a feel for the localized land, but I was blessed with a great childhood!  My momma finished her masters degree in education while I was young, so education was a BIG part of our life!  Another big part of my life is FAMILY, they are a gift, a treasure, something to never take for granted.  I am VERY close with my extended family, and have GREAT "country neighbors."  I can't imagine living anywhere else!

I love learning a new skill, and then share my knowledge with others, so please join in and ask me questions!  I have recently added a greenhouse, that has been a challenge I cannot master, so feel free to add imput to my stories as well!  I can, bake, quilt, and craft!  Life is a journey, and I'd love if you join me on mine!

The Inquisitive Farmwife
A journey of my life... God, Family and Friends, Animals, Gardening, Sewing and Crafts, and so much more!

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