Monday, November 20, 2017


Hello Friends! I hope this blog finds you having a wonderful Fall season, and are busy preparing for a Thanksgiving Feast! I know I am! This is the time of year when we all take a moment to look around us and realize all the wonderful things we have to be thankful of! In the moment it is sometimes hard to take time to do this. It is important to do this often....however, the Thanksgiving Holliday tends to be an excellent reminder, so let' chat! Im going to share with you what all I'm thankful of this season.

First off I am thankful for my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. Without my faith and my love of the father Almighty, I have nothing. He is who guides and protects me and I am so abundantly thankful of what is given to me every single day without fail. 

And where or where would I be without Family? My husband and I both are very close with our families. And this includes beyond siblings....we don't have a get together without at least 4 generations in attendance! A family dinner isn't just a few .... and we make it an all day event! Food of course as a big production, but there is always entertainment with the young children, a few adults too! Games, Crafts, and great conversation!  I am thankful that we have such great relationships with both sides of our families!

Friendship is another big one for me.  I am the type of person to be friendly with anyone, but hold a few near and dear friends close to my heart.  These are the friends that become family!  

My Farm .... Oh my Farm!!!!  How I love my Farm!  I am so very thankful to get to live where I do!  I have the most beautiful place on this great earth.  To me, it is a Oasis....ok sometimes not, but most days, especially when it's warm outside and the plants are green and the birds are singing!  I am so happy when I am here!  I can't imagine living anywhere else!  I have the freedom to let my inquisitive nature roam and explore!  I can become creative in my own little world, and that is why I am in my happy place!

My Animals.  Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, my animals are kinda a big deal!  I feel honored to have the privilege to take care of God's land, and his creatures.  I take this responsibility with great care.  I feel that it is so important to give the best care you can to both the plants and the animals.  Animal husbandry and daily chores can become mundane, but for me it is a reason to step outside and breathe the fresh air.  And I have great conversations with my furry friends!  On special days, they get treats and I get lots of kisses!  Now, I know it's not necessary for their care, but posing for pictures and wearing cute outfits is just down right fun!  And maybe, just maybe, they are thankful for my silliness and creative outlets.....or maybe not!

And then there is you!  Yes, YOU!  All of you!  I am thankful for all my "followers", "readers", "lurkers", "friends", "customers", "colleges" name it....I am thankful!  I appreciate all the great comments, facebook conversations, Instagram Pictures, Tweets, and so so so much more!  
I'd love to hear what all you are thankful for!

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  1. Family - especially husband and my father who has come to share our home with us....children, their spouses and 13 grands.
    Comfortable home/shelter
    Sins forgiven; hope of Heaven; relationship with the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ
    The Bible
    Technology! What a boon!
    The health I enjoy
    and 10,000 more reasons for thanksgiving♥

    1. Its WONDERFUL Rebecca how you can open your home! I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!