Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wooden Snow-People

Hello all you out there!  Hoping this finds you happy, healthy and enjoying life!  It's the time of year when people are getting to spend a little extra time with family they might not get to be with often.  Family is so VERY important!  

I am so EXTREMELY blessed to be so close to my family.  Not only am I emotionally close, but physically too!  On my mother's side, there are 4 generations of family households living in the same 15 mile radius!  Amazing, right?  My first cousin is more like a sister and my Aunt is like a second mom!  So when you marry into our get smothered with our love and accepted as one of us even if you don't want to be!  LOL!  

Our family really enjoys getting together.  Even though we live so close, we don't get together as often as we like, so when we do, we take full advantage of our time together!  On a party day we all start arriving at the host home mid morning, and don't start leaving late evening.  It's a day full of food, laughter, napping, crafting, game playing, movie watching, ... a most relaxing kind of day!  People come and go and participate in the activities as they desire.  No Stress, No Rules, just Family Fun!

Here is a day when my family was hosting!  For the craft I thought it might be fun to make some snow-people to display for the winter!  I'll take you along on our journey of creating these adorable decorations!

First you need to gather some wood.  I chose 2x4's.  I purchased a few, I found a few in our shop, and a few were given to me!  You might go check your local lumber yard to see if they have any scrap pieces they would sell you at a discount, or some might even give them away!

Cut them in any desired length! (Thanks dad for letting me borrow your tools!)  It's fun to have different sizes to choose from! Take a small piece and screw to the longer piece in the  opposite direction to make the base of the snowman.  This was my son's job.  We took turns holding the pieces in place, and running the screw gun.  It was amazing to see how well he can handle himself around power much changes in a year or two!  

Then it was time to paint.  Be sure to put some plastic under the snow people, otherwise the Farmer might get upset that you accidentally decorated the shop floor (I still missed and got a little outside the tarp, lol). The shop was fairly warm, so we were able to go ahead and prime and paint the wood the same day!  We just used cheap white primer and paint from the local "Wal-Mart,"  It worked perfectly for this project!  

Once dried I brought them inside and gathered the remaining supplies.  You'll want scrap pieces of material to make your hat and scarfs.  We used a variety of felts, cottons, and fleece!  A rubber band is helpful to gather the top of the hat if you want a "poof."  A Pom-Pon could be made from yarn if you so choose!  A hot glue gun and glue is best to put everything in place.  Other glues will work, but you won't be able to finish your project as quickly!  Grab some black, white and orange craft paint and brushes for the face!   Why white you might ask?  This is to not only cover up the mistakes (they happen), but add a "sparkle" to the eyes!  Plastic googley eyes are ok too, but we liked the painted look!  Lastly, embellish with whatever you desire!  I found all sorts of fake snow, buttons, plastic plants, glitter, pine cones.....and on an on.  I had a lot on hand, but a great place to look is the $1 Dollar type stores or sections in your favorite discount store.  And if you have a local thrift shop....check there too!  My Middle Child is NOT a fan of long shopping trips, and we get pretty goofy when it's just the two of us ... here we are gathering supplies for the Party!  Pretty sure my oldest daughter is in the back hiding from the camera, and embarrassed to be around us!  Ha ha ha!

As you can see that my sister is SO excited to get started digging and making a crafting mess!  Ha ha ha!  We get quite goofy ad the days goes on, always having a good time, making each other laugh till we cry!  She crafts more for our benefit, lol.  She'd really rather be outside running around on an ATV or downstairs playing with the kiddos!

My Aunt and cousins are concentrating pretty seriously while working  on their snow people, Mom too!  Uh oh, I think granny is trying to sneak out before we get her to craft too!  She says she enjoys watching us ... but to tell you the truth ... when she sits down, she out crafts all of us!

Everyone is enjoying personalizing their snow people.  Each snow person has a unique smile, favorite color for the scarf and hat, or a chosen height for personalization!

They're starting to finish, and put them by the doorway.  Oh, don't they look just absolutely adorable?  I think this craft idea was a hit with the family!

And here they all are together at the end of the day!  It was a fun craft, and a fun day to be with my favorite people!

I'd love to hear if you decide to make this craft project too!  Send pictures here, and to the facebook page for everyone to enjoy your cute snow people!

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P.S.  I had so much fun making these that I later made a matching wreath for one of them!  I think my oldest daughter should take these to college to decorate her appartment, don't you?