Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Applique Pillow ... OR ... Placemat!

This was such a fun project I did last winter!  If I remember correctly the pattern was for a pillow, and I decided that unstuffed it looked like a pretty neat placemat and the special star was perfect for a candle holder, but ... that was a year ago... so don't hold me to it!  

First thing you want to pick out coordinating colors of fabric and thread!

Now without actually sharing the pattern (respecting the original pattern maker/owner) I'll give a rough view of what I did, and hopefully you can find this very pattern at a quilting store near you! So no specific measurements here just a rough idea how to make a pillow, this specific design needs to be purchased from the correct resources!

Choose your two main pieces of fabrics and cut a rectangle out of one, then measure and make border strips for the outside of your rectangle.  Once done it will look fabulous and you could leave it as is ... OR you can choose to embellish with the words "snow" like I did here.  Or you could make your own pattern pieces to personalize it in any way. 

I would suggest that before cutting the material letters that you put sewable adhesive on the back!  It makes it so nice to iron on in the place you desire and then appliqué in the technique you prefer.  I like using the machine, as hand appliqué is a bit of a struggle for me to figure out!

It's up to you, but I would choose the border material as your backing piece.  Measure the front, and cut a piece to match.

You will also need to cut a piece of batting at that same size!

Take scrap material and practice quilting.  You will want to quilt the top piece to the batting AFTER you have appliqué the lettering.

Put the right sides together and sew all together leaving just enough room to turn it inside out!  

Decision time.... 
do you choose to make a  placemat?

OR stuff it to become a pillow?

The star is a sewing session of it's own.  Took me forever to figure that one out, but it was fun once I got the hang of it.  Totally NOT necessary for a cute end product!

The pattern and material that I used came from www.facebook.com/SarahKathrynsgft  If you choose to contact them, make sure  you let them know Angie sent you! 😉

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