Thursday, March 29, 2018

"Simple" Eggs in a Bologna Cup!

So the Chickens are laying well again, and it's time to make one of our family favorite meals!  Eggs in a Bologna cup!  I can't exactly remember when I first had this dish, or where I came across the recipe, but know that my kids love them, and I couldn't believe the excitement my oldest expressed when she saw me putting these together.  It's been a bit longer than I realized since we have eaten them, and they're so easy!  Is this something you've ever had before?  Maybe you have different variations you can share with us?

This time I went to the deli at our local grocer section and purchased some sliced beef bologna.  (The ends I later ground up and made a sandwich spread with).  

So grab your regular sized muffin pan and grease it.  Then you fold your bologna and stick it inside each cup.

Because we live on a farm, it's habit for me to crack my eggs open inside a separate dish.  We gather our eggs daily, so it's rarely an issue, but it is nature, and you sometimes get those "oops" eggs here and there!  This also makes it easier to drop the egg inside your bologna "cup"!  It's a as simple as dropping the whole egg into the bologna!

Once you get all the eggs placed into the bologna, you can wiggle things around a bit to make sure the eggs are down, and you can try and create special and unique cup deigns if you'd like, but in my experience, they kinda have a mind of their own and fall into place on their own.

Add some pepper and salt, and into the oven they go!  Bake at 350* for anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  This will depend on if you want a soft or hard boiled egg texture.  If you're a poached egg fan, just drizzle a little milk on each cup before placing into the oven!

Okay, so once you've gotten the eggs to the desired texture, you can either leave as is or add extra toppings.  We chose to add sides of toasted and buttered english muffin and fried potatoes!  You can read about how we made those here:          
But if you want to keep the eggs as the star of the show, you can dress them up with cheese, bacon, and hot sauce!  How about some chives too?  maybe some pepper or onion?  The combination ideas are endless!

So, how do you like your eggs?  Is this a family recipe that you all enjoy?  Is this something new to try?  Let me know!

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  1. What a neat idea! I bet my boys would love this for breakfast. Pinned.