Saturday, March 31, 2018

Stuffed Eggs -- SO MANY WAYS!!!!

I couldn't be MORE thrilled that spring is here and we are finally getting an OVER abundance of eggs!  We have been having some of our FAVORITE egg recipes again!  My son absolutely LOVES stuffed eggs.  Typically I just make your typical deviled eggs.  You know, the kind that uses mayonnaise, pickle relish, and maybe a sprinkle of paprika to look pretty.  Well, today I'll be sharing with you some of the not-so-ordinary style of "Stuffed Eggs" that I have served for family and friends! 

For each of the following recipes, you'll want to start with 1 dozen peeled hard boiled eggs.  I have become a big instant pot fan, and find that is the best way to cook my fresh eggs!  There are all kinds of ideas out there on what to do, but I tell you what, the shells peel off perfectly!  It's the only way for me now!  Once you have your eggs cooked and cooled, cut in half and separate the whites from the yolk.  The whites can be placed on a tray and refrigerated.  Take out the yolk and with a fork or food processor, crumble to an even consistency.

How about trying Buffalo Style?  You know, instead of wings, have eggs!  Great for Super Bowl!  To your bowl of crumbled whites you'll add 1/4 c/ each Mayonnaise, Sour Cream, Cayenne pepper sauce to taste, and ranch dip mix.  I make my own dried dip mix!  You can find out about all of my dip mixes on the facebook page!  Blend well!  Stuff your filling back into the egg whites.  Slice 1 stalk of celery very small, and quite then.  Sprinkle on top of eggs.  I also like to add a bit of feta or blue cheese!  This recipe just makes me think football, cold beverages, and good friends.  And we can all say YUM!

So this next recipe is so good that I had to give you 3 different angles.  I mean, I've always said that cheese goes with everything, but had NO clue how in love I'd be with these Pimento Style Cheese stuffed eggs!  They have Southern Love written all over them, even if I am in Kansas! So grab your crumbled egg yolks and in a bowl combine 1/3 block cream cheese, 1/2 c. shredded cheese (cheddar is best) 1/4 c. mayonnaise, 2-3 TBS canned pimentos.  WARNING:  Do NOT eat all the filling, you will need to place some back into the whites, and share with others!

And if the two previous options weren't enough to get your tastebuds going, then Surely this last one will!  I mean ... bacon ... common ... who can resist bacon!  But are your eyes playing tricks?  Are those eggs Green?  Why yes Dr. Seuss they are!  We're going to make Avocado Stuffed Eggs with Bacon Baby!  Again, you'll grab your crumbled eggs and place in a bowl.  Make sure you have a ripe avocado peeled and ready to go.  This takes place of the fat of the mayonnaise, so now you just add seasonings as desired.  A little garlic, onion, and salt is good, but the star of the show is BACON!  Have cooked and crumbled bacon cooled and ready to sprinkle on top.  I chose Turkey bacon.  I'd say this is a diet friendly snack for sure, wouldn't you?  

From here the mind can go crazy!  Take the few recipes I've used, and get creative and try something new in your next Stuffed Egg recipe!  Eggs make for great appetizers, snacks, or a main dish!  Take the flavors you like and create something unheard of!  Maybe horseradish filling with a sliver of leftover steak on top!  How about trying something with capers?  Chicken and Mushrooms?  And on and on.....


  1. My family loves it when I make deviled eggs for our get-togethers. I welcome your recipes so I can provide some variety!