Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Freezing Extra Eggs

Well, now that the days are getting longer and the chickens are laying again, what do you do with all the eggs?  If you're like our family, you are so extremely excited that you start cooking up all of your favorite egg-related recipes and devoured them in no time flat.  Eventually, you begin to back off the egg recipe and your refrigerator gets taken over.  You then can choose to give, sell, or trade your eggs in the local community.  We do all of the above!  And another thing we do is freeze them!  Just like your produce in the garden, you'll want to find ways to preserve those eggs!  There are several ways to do this, but today we are going to talk about freezing your eggs!

There are 3 different options on how you can choose to freeze them.  One is to leave them whole, one is to separate the yolk from the whites, and finally, you can scramble them together!  I have experimented with all 3!  And my suggestion to you is to do the same thing!  Experiment and see what you feel will give you the end product you desire!  

From my personal experience, they don't fry up well as a single egg, however they do just great scrambled!  Especially if  you add some yummy veggies and cheese!  For baking, I rather doubt you can even tell the difference in the end product.  I will admit that the egg does tend to look different, and the yolk tends to pop out more.  This is why many people suggest breaking it before freezing!  And then of course if you separate the whites from the yolk, you will be able to make different recipes.  The whites freeze up fantastic, that's why you can buy them in the store that way!

Freezing them is as easy as cracking them open into an ice cube tray.  Here you can see I have a larger, more flexible cube tray that I am using.  I did this so that I would have no trouble fitting an entire duck egg into one compartment.  Remember:  I am "The Inquisitive Farmwife" and for me experimenting and trying new things is just what I do!  And yes, you absolutely CAN freeze duck eggs just the same as you can chicken!  Once the egg is frozen, just place into freezer bags.  I choose to place mine in bags according to not only duck or chicken, but yolks, whites, and mixed.  This made it easy for recipe time!  Label and stick back in the freezer, and that's it!  It's really that easy!  No need to add any salt until you cook them!  We have kept eggs in the freezer for up to one year, but I would suggest sticking to the 3-6 month time frame to keep them from getting stale or freezer burn taste.  

I sure hope this simple little tad-bit of egg knowledge has you inspired to try something new, use up what you have, and save them for the dreaded winter months when fresh is hard to come by!

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