Thursday, April 12, 2018

Making Fairy Gardens

Have you ever thought about making a "Mini Garden"  or a  "Tiny Garden"  or maybe a "Fairy Garden"?  We did, and what a fun and exciting time we had!  

There really isn't much to putting together one of these special gardens.  You just choose all the wonderful things that you like, and put it together!

First thing you will need is a base.  Some sort of planter.  We used several of the old basin tubs, and an old crock bowl.  There is no rule as to what you use.  Just something that can hold all the dirt or sand, or whatever base medium that you choose.

Next you will want to decide what types of flowers, herbs, succulents, or other plants that you want to use.  It is best to try to stick with ones that like the same amount of water and sunlight.  This is only to your advantage when it comes to the care of the garden!

And then the fun part.  Start gathering various rocks, trinkets, broken glass, special items that hold memories, little miniature houses, just whatever you feel makes your little garden yours!  

Finally, it's time to create!  Remember to add depth and various layers to your little wonderland.  Take your time placing your items in different locations.  Have fun coming up with different ideas!  This isn't something you want to rush!  Relax, take some time for yourself, let your creative juices flow!  Think about how the plants will grow and what it might look like a few weeks, and then again a few months from today!

Below are some sample ideas that we came up with!

An herb garden, complete with crazy hared ladies, a fire pit, water fountain, and lighting!  This is a fun piece to place in a window seal and harvest all through the growing season!  Don't worry, Mavis and Betty don't mind!

Here is a farm scene with animals, a pitchfork, apples, and butterfly!  Not many plants, so not much in the way of watering!  Great way to decorate and have fun without the commitment of plant or animal care!

This young fisherman decided to stick with succulents.  He even added a pond complete with tiny fish and along the pond edge you will see a fishing pole!  In the background you notice the adorable bait and tackle store!

Let's not forget about the dry abandoned dessert!  It's an oasis of its own!  Complete with all cacti, rocks, and later a layer of sand is added to make the final touch to the scene!   Look close and you will see the handmade hut, some laundry lines, a bench, and tiny pots line the sidewalk.  

Let us know what yours looks like!  Post pictures on the Facebook page for all to enjoy!

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